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Reiko's Fragments

You wake up distorted in an old 1960s western style office, gun in hand with no bullets and no memories. You do not know who you are or where you are, only that you are trapped within a house as tormented as the doll who taunts you and the ghost who haunts you. Welcome to Reiko's Fragments, a fully immersive VR experience with unimaginable fears at every turn to jolt both your mind and senses. Explore the harrowing hallways and daunting rooms inhabited with puzzles and clues while evading the terror of those who inhabit the house with you. Collect the fragments of your lost memory to discover the truth behind the identities and story of the doll, ghost, and your own self. Live through a story about the tragedy of what happens when the pieces of a family become fragmented, of the freedom we have to make choices, and of the consequences we cannot be freed from.

Escape is futile.

Reiko's Fragments Official Trailer

Reiko's Fragments at 626 Night Market Trailer